ma petite cuisine saine was created out of an enthusiasm to share holistic, traditional, centuries-old healing wisdom far and wide. 


Michele Schulz, passionate about all things good that lead to balance, is the brewing force behind 

ma petite cuisine saine. She joyfully shares her experience-based knowledge through personal chef services, catering and healthy cooking classes as well as holistic nutrition consultations - based principally on Ayurveda, a traditional art of living that comes to us from Asia and whose principles are easily applicable to anyone's daily life


ma petite cuisine saine 's offerings go beyond nutrition and healthy food. Michele's healing arts modalities include Breema Bodywork, a nurturing therapy that deeply relaxes the body and soothes the mind. 


Ayurvedic Practitioner     | Ayurvedic Institute  | Albuquerque, NM USA                 2003


Certified AyurYoga Teacher  |  Ayurvedic Institute  |  Albuquerque, NM USA        2004


Breema Bodywork Practitioner   | Breema Center | Oakland, CA  USA                     2004


Hatha Yoga Teacher        |     Yoga Tree   |  San Francisco, CA  USA                               2002


 Kundalini Yoga Teacher       |   Kundalini Research Institute    |  NM  USA               2000



Independant Distributor Young Living Essential Oils