holistic nutrition consultations

A holistic nutrition consultation - based on Ayurveda among other traditional healing systems - takes into consideration the uniqueness of the individual - one's baseline  (prakruti), one's eventual imbalances (vikruti), as well as the state of one's digestive capacity (agni) that all manage the appetite-digestion-assimilation-absorption paradigm. According to the needs of the individual, the practitioner suggests specific, personalized modifications to bring the client's health back to balance:

  • a better choice of foods for one's constitution 
  • a mixture of digestive spices for daily use in the kitchen
  • harmonizing herbal teas 
  • meals put together according to proper food combining for optimum digestion
  • modifications in preparation methods according to one's constitution, the season, one's imbalance
  • changes in one's daily routine (lifestyle, therapeutic movement, breathing techniques) 

Consultations are offered at a distance via Zoom .




   1.5 hours     100 € 


After the session, you may pay  at the bottom of this page.  

IN PREPARATION FOR THE CONSULTATION, please download the following form, fill it out and email to Michele before the consultation.

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To help determine your constitution, feel free to fill out this interactive quiz from Banyan Botanicals. You may share the results with me before we meet.



Based on a more than 3,000 year-old healing tradition, Ayurvedic nutrition is a time-tested, authentic art of how to healthily nourish oneself. Its theory of balance is founded on the universal principles of the 5 elements, the four seasons and most importantly the metabolic state of the individual (agni). In the kitchen, for each season, it principles are applied to a choice of specific foods and spices, the 6 tastes, preparation and cooking methods, etc... 


Even though the tradition of Ayurveda originates in India, its principles apply to all culinary traditions, beyond any preconceptions of or limitations to Indian cooking. 


This art of nutrition teaches us to be wisely and consciously nourished - beyond extremes and dogmas -according to the season, to one's needs of the moment and to one's digestive capacity. Ayurvedic nutrition encourages creating intuitive, nourishing, homemade dishes, using whole, local, seasonal, prana (vitality)-rich ingredients.

1.5-hour Holistic Nutrition Consultation

 NB: Cancellations need to be made 48 hours in advance by phone only. 


100,00 €